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Bring the Heat!

You are about to embark on an new and gratifying way in which to learn the wonderful game of lacrosse. The goal of the HEAT LACROSSE, and their staff is to promote the game of lacrosse in West Michigan and give you, the player, the opportunity to enjoy and excel at the most fantastic sport created. HEAT LACROSSE was formed in order to help you as a player improve your skills in all aspects of the game. So that when you get on the field you can....BRING THE HEAT!

Quint: The Delusions of Youth Club Ball

Great Article Worth A Read. Quint's Take: I've seen coaches like Urban Meyer run practice. Some youth club lacrosse coaches aren't preparing kids correctly.

Heat  Lacrosse

Heat Lacrosse

2018 Heat Invitational


Heat Lacrosse on Lacrosse Playground

Heat Lacrosse is no stranger to voguish uniforms. The team employed the skills of Pro Athletics to design unis and shooting shirts with the classic Louis Vuitton logo. Moreover, the uniforms are also inspired by Oregon’s jerseys.

Inside Lacrosse

Inside Lacrosse is a lacrosse media entity and ESPN affiliate. It includes many parts including a news website, an 11 times annual magazine, online video streaming, internet forums and an ESPN television show.

Lacrosse All Stars

Lacrosse Media Outlet / By Players, For Players / Grow The Game

Heat Lacrosse Shutterfly Photo Page

A compilation of photos from parents who are gracious enough to share their hobby with the Heat Lacrosse Family.


Many other photos can be found on Murray Sports Photography.