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We at Heat Lacrosse are forever indebted to Coach Lundblad for the impact he has had on players and coaches.  Much of what has been accomplished on the field is due to his knowledge, but even more inspiring was the lessons he taught us outside of lacrosse.  His impact has helped to shape who we are as individuals and what we are able to accomplish as a family.

The philosophy of Heat Lacrosse  is founded upon development of young men on and off the field of competition.  Student athletes can be developed and nurtured through the recognition and actions exemplified in the 5 C’s.  Knowing and understanding these five terms and the way they can be displayed each day on  are extremely important and necessary for success as a person and athlete playing lacrosse for Heat.


A direct result from each individual forms who we are.


The integrity used upon making and dealing with decisions and the circumstances that come with them...


The measure of one’s life is their commitment to excellence whatever the definition of excellence may be...


By showing compassion we are able to serve others and be aware of their needs...


Improvements in our moral character are our own responsibility...having the courage to do it is a must...